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    Richard Blake Design Logo

     Richard Blake Design creates body positive, eco-friendly, premium quality women's activewear, made with integrity in the USA. 

    Clothing With Integrity

    Product of Listening

    Every product is uniquely designed based on conversations with our customers


    Clothing With Integrity

    All clothing is hand constructed in the USA


    Richard Blake Design's Story

    Hi, I'm Richard Blake. My goal for Richard Blake Design is to create affordable, comfortable, body positive, long lasting activewear that empowers women to embrace and celebrate the body they're in.

    Richard Blake Design is all about loving the body you're in ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

    After months of design, I started giving away leggings to friends and family to test out. They all had very different body types and practiced anything from yoga to running to rock climbing. I had countless conversations with these women about what they want and what makes them feel comfortable in the body they are in. I listened and have created the perfect, durable leggings with double gussets, mid-rise waistbands, pockets, flexible moisture wicking fabrics, and styles that will inspire you to rock the body you're in!

    Most importantly I sew all of the leggings featured on my website myself. This allows me to create ethical clothing made with love in the USA. I decided to offer custom fitted leggings as a free service because I want women to be empowered in their purchasing experience and truly feel their body is something to celebrate. I've found its easier to love, celebrate, and embrace the body I'm in when my clothing fits perfectly, and I extend this concept to all of my customers for free.

    Richard Blake's Story

    I'm a fashion designer who loves to do yoga and swing dance. These activities have influenced my designs to create beautiful, flowy dresses with classic silhouettes and women's activewear that is absolutely a joy to wear and live in. I graduated from the fashion design program at Santa Fe Community College in 2017 and launched my own label the same year. I cannot wait to expand my business to offer custom sized party dresses, swimsuits, and menswear. I love sewing and helping people celebrate the body they're in, which will always be my focus as a passionate fashion designer.



    Spinal Twist Yoga Pose

    Pure Quality

    Long-lasting premium activewear built to bend



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